Our Method

Data access

Falcon Analytics has no user limit, allowing access to managing users and operational users who need to manage and operate with data from different areas of the company depending on the role assigned to them.

In order to customize the Falcon Analytics user type, it allows three types of analysis:

The didactic analysis allows to cross the information of the company to analyze it in different aspects.

The ease of navigation and its various ways of viewing the information give users the ability to answer questions with a few clicks.

Imagine your business meetings dynamically answering questions. Opportunities open when information is obtained quickly and dynamically.

Once the platform is connected to your data sources, your company will automatically obtain a quantity of easily manageable information, both at the management level and at the operational level. Your company will not need to develop a dashboard or spreadsheet factory.

Transactional system sources and common platforms are standard in Falcon Analytics.

Another very important point is the aspect of data organization that will become information. The product coordinates the governance of data and allows the creation of profiles so that everyone can obtain information quickly and safely depending on the role assigned to them in the Company.

Divide information into areas, departments and even users with security in an organized way.

The result is that your Company sets new standards for the analysis of information, increasing its competitiveness.

Transform data into information at the service of strategy and operational efficiency.


With Falcon Analytics, You will be able to transform data into information and information into strategic decisions. It will be possible:
  • Anticipate possible problems
  • Enrich business strategies

  • Forecast trends

  • Improve the value of products and services

  • Monitor the market and competition

  • Generate new business opportunities

  • Define strategies focused on the target customer

  • Detect erroneous activities in advance

  • Preserve the company’s assets

  • Quickly identify how processes behave

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